Red Deck Wins (Day 241 - 7 23 10)-008:15

Red Deck Wins (Day 241 - 7 23 10)-0

Red Deck Wins (Day 241 - 7/23/10)
Date: July 23, 2010
Length: 8:14

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  • Post Office
  • Grand Dunes Marriott
  • Stephen's Car


The vlog begins with Mallory sending a package to Hayley. Stephen mentions they are done with work. Then, Stephen and Mallory go to the spa so Mallory can get a pedicure. After the pedicure, Stephen and Mallory meet Austin at the game store for Friday night Magic, which Stephen wins with his Red Deck. After Friday Night Magic, Stephen and Mallory as well as some other people who were at Friday Night Magic go out together. In the car on the way home, Stephen discusses his plans for tomorrow.

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