Re Declawing (Day 1046 - 10 5 12)08:05

Re Declawing (Day 1046 - 10 5 12)

Re: Declawing (Day 1046 - 10/5/12)
Date: October 5th, 2012
Running Time: 8:05

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen states that he and Mal have ultimately decided not to declaw Sagan and Kepler after doing much thinking and reading since the original vlog addressing the issue. Apart from monetary issues and some "d'awwww" moments watching the cats use their claws, he has learned that the two main methods of declawing involve removing the tips of the cats' fingers, something that he isn't completely comfortable with.

However, he emphasizes that he is not against declawing - he simply gave some false information in his previous vlog and wants to rectify this. He urges the audience to make their own informed decisions.


  • The original Declawing vlog, which is now unlisted, can be found here.

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