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Razor Blades Everywhere (Day 1504 - 1 6 14)06:03

Razor Blades Everywhere (Day 1504 - 1 6 14)

Razor Blades Everywhere (Day 1504 - 1/6/14)
Date: January 6th, 2014
Running Time: 6:03



  • Golden Corral
  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen is having lunch at Golden Corral with his family - he's finally out of the house after several days of being ill. Mal went to school despite the fact that the is still sick, and it wasn't a great day for her.

For dinner, they try some frozen lasagna from Walmart. It's barely warm even though they cooked them for the proper time - this was a common occurrence in college as well with Stephen's dinners. Before the end slate, Stephen writes that the lasagna "became more and more terrible as [they] ate it."

Stephen also mentions that every school in the district has a two-hour delay tomorrow, but Mal's school does not for some reason. That sucks.


  • Mal: "I didn't even remember what my classroom looked like... For all I know there could have been razor blades lying everywhere."
    • Stephen: "Wow."
    • Mal: "There weren't razor blades lying everywhere."

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