Quadruple and a Half Bus Madness (Day 1010 - 8 30 12)15:13

Quadruple and a Half Bus Madness (Day 1010 - 8 30 12)

Quadruple and a Half Bus Madness (Day 1010 - 8/30/12)
Date: August 30th, 2012
Running Time: 15:13

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  • Hotel room - Charleston, SC
  • Seattle Airport
  • Hotel room - Seattle, WA
  • The NYC Cafe
  • Thai Ginger


Arriving at Seattle, Washington one day before PAX Prime 2012, and having reunited with Alex and Dan, Stephen & Mal explore the world of Seattle, meetup with David, Marty, Neema, and Trip, reuniting with Paul and Chaz, having awesome food, checking in at the hotel, and invite Alex, Dan, David, Marty, and Paul for a crazy game of Cards Against Humanity! A fun-filled day of relaxing, but not for long, because PAX Prime 2012 awaits them all tomorrow...


  • This is the first time Stephen has been reunited with Alex since the end of college.


  • Stephen(reading off a card): "'And the Academy Award for Praying the gay away goes to White People.' This is a strong start."

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