Pushed The Limit (Day 825 - 2 27 12)01:58

Pushed The Limit (Day 825 - 2 27 12)

Pushed the Limit (Day 825 - 2/27/12)
Date: February 27th, 2012
Running Time: 1:58

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  • Stephen's Apartment


Stephen starts the day lying on his side in very crucial pain. He blames the refried beans and advises people not to eat a pound of anything especially not beans. He then proceeds to let us know that he and Mallory will be in Myrtle Beach to take care of their taxes, and he will begin recording Shadow of the Colossus. To end the day, Stephen asks us with a discussion about a time where we overdid it and went too far, whether it was food, or exercise, or sleep.


  • Since the beans caused pain for Stephen and Mallory, they begin working with a personal trainer who watches the vlog on day 826.


  • Stephen: "Also, beans, man. BEANS!"
    • Stephen: "What kind of- what, what, what, what was I thinking!? That's ridiculous! It doesn't even make any sense! Beans!?"

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