Pulling All-Nighters Is Generally A Very Bad Idea (Day 139 - 4 12 10)05:49

Pulling All-Nighters Is Generally A Very Bad Idea (Day 139 - 4 12 10)

Pulling All-Nighters Is Generally A Very Bad Idea (Day 139 - 4/12/10)
Date: April 12th, 2010
Running Time: 5:49

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  • Stephen's Dorm
  • Stephen's car


Stephen immediately admits that he didn't record anything the previous day, and he hasn't slept because of a project. With little rest, he leaves for his Chinese Art class.

Following a small cut, Stephen is exhausted after his Chinese Art class. As delirium sets in, Dan recommends that Stephen should take a nap.

After another cut, Stephen is late for his class presentation, due to a longer than expected nap. Sleeping through four alarms and a call from one of his group members, he woke up to a call from Mallory. Even though the group initially received a failing grade, Stephen was able to turn in the project and receive full credit.

Continuing his "DS Toilet Earthbound," Stephen attempts to get a Sword of Kings. After he defeats 193 Starmen Supers, he finally receives his long-awaited reward.

Stephen wraps up the vlog by providing a link for the blooper reel of his Self Portrait project.

Notes Edit

  • Day 138 is skipped, which is one of the few times Stephen has skipped a vlog day since he began the vlog.
  • The Self Portrait project was filmed during Day 125.

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