Proper Burial (Day 693 - 10 18 11)07:07

Proper Burial (Day 693 - 10 18 11)

Proper Burial (Day 693 - 10/18/11)
Date: October 18th, 2011
Running Time: 7:06

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  • Stephen & Mal's Apartment


Sonic Generations demo is out today! The results of the poll to decide the name for the viewers! Celebration is in session!

...Oh wait, the Flip is dying...


  • When the video was initially released, there was a bit of a sync issue that left people suggesting that the Flip is really dying. However, the following day, Stephen cleared the concerns up when he revealed that it was a YouTube issue not a Flip issue. As of the creation of this page, this issue seems to have been fixed.


  • Stephen: "I'm really looking to give the Flip a proper far as cameras go."
  • Stephen: "...I want an apple."

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