Post-It Tetris Masterpiece (Day 298 - 9 18 10)04:14

Post-It Tetris Masterpiece (Day 298 - 9 18 10)

Post-It Tetris Masterpiece (Day 298 - 9/18/10)
Date: September 18, 2010
Running Time: 4:14

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  • Stephen's dorm


The vlog begins with a shot of the refrigerator, which reads "Gumby Hero," and Stephen humming a tune. The camera pans to Alex, who asks Stephen if he is expecting him to have a deadpan face (this he repeats throughout the vlog when Stephen points his camera at him). Later, Dan says that he has some sticky notes, and would like to make a Tetris poster out of them. After discussing a few places to put it, they decide on Dan's door, as it is smooth whereas the walls are textured. Then, a sped-up version of the building process ensues. The vlog ends with a portion of the Tetris theme being played on the keyboard.


  • The actual making of the poster elapsed a span of about 16 minutes.
  • Dan went into Photoshop and planned out the entire poster on paper, creating every block and arranging them perfectly so the same types of blocks would never touch.


  • Stephen: "Curse you, plaster wall of death."
  • Taylor: "Yeah, this is cool and all, but it seems like it would've been simpler just to buy a Tetris poster."

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