Pork Dan Get His Y Juz (Day 52 - 1 15 10)02:35

Pork Dan Get His Y Juz (Day 52 - 1 15 10)

Pork Dan Get His Y Juz (Day 52 - 1/15/10)
Date: January 15th, 2010
Running Time: 2:35

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People Edit

Locations Edit

  • Sam's Club
  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen's Dorm

Summary Edit

Stephen, Dan, Taylor, and Alex are all eating pizza at Sam's club, and Stephen mentions that they eat there every week. Once again, the guys check their blood pressure. Stephen, in his car, says that he went to the Barnard office and asked about the cost of replacing his lost key. He was told it would cost $500, because to replace his keys, all the keys and locks in Barnard must be replaced. He and Alex go do some drafting for Magic.

Back at the dorm, Stephen and Alex say what they thought about the draft. Stephen mentions that he got three mythics out of it. Dan and Alex are playing with alphabet magnets on the fridge, and creating strange sentences, ending up with "Pork Dan Get His Y Juz". Dan then mentions that he got the magnets while at Wal-Mart.


  • The title of the vlog comes from Dan and Alex playing with Alphabet magnets and creating the sentence "Pork Dan Get His Y Juz".
  • This vlog is the first to contain a black screen with white explaining what did between two scenes while a beep noise is made. Stephen commonly used this in later vlogs during times where he he didn't/couldn't film certain events.
  • "Pork Dan get his Y Juz" later becomes a stephenvlog meme. Roughly 250 days later Stephen was bombarded with questions about "Y Juz" and Stephen continually reminded fans that there is no such thing as "Y Juz". Stephen decided that since Y Juz was not anything that fans could send in their ideas of Y Juz was.

Quotes Edit

  • Alex: "Wait, you can't have me in these things."
    • Stephen: "Why?"
    • Alex: "I don't want my family to know I play Magic."

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