This page lists all the Pokémon found in the Pokémon LeafGreen Let's Play.

List of Pokémon Edit

#001—#009 Edit

#001 Bulbasaur Pokeball GREGJ Ep#01 07:52 / Pokédex
Pegleg Pokemon Some unfortunate Bulbasaurs are born with peglegs. Sucks for them.
Likes: Roses, Long walks on the beach, Mustaches
Dislikes: Lumberjacks, Woodchippers Art by: Stephen
#002 Ivysaur Pokeball GREGJ Ep#08 10:19 / Pokédex
Flower Pokemon When the bulb reans forward and vomits a flower, congrats! Ivysaur.
Pegleg: Miraculously has not broken
Those Legs: Look more like kickstands Art by: Stephen
#003 Venusaur Pokeball GREGJ Ep#31 25:38 / Pokédex
Lazy Eye Pokemon Venusaur gathers sunlight into its flower... then falls asleep in the sun. Wouldn't you?
Lazy eye: realistically an improvement over the derpy eyes
The pegleg: has more or less become a shiv Art by: Stephen
#004 Charmander Ep#01 08:12 / Pokédex
Hat-loving Pokemon Because of their huge noggins, many Charmanders have trouble walking.
Favorite Musician: Steely Dan
Frequently visited by: The Tooth Fairy Art by: Mallory
#005 Charmeleon Ep#14 14:01 / Pokédex
Jazz Hands Pokemon Like Freddy Krueger on a stage. Oh, and it breathes fire. Excellent!
Vigorous Jazz Hands: will cut you up, actually
That top hat: normal size, sadly Art by: Mallory
#006 Charizard Ep#31 11:37 / Pokédex
Insecure Pokemon People are always staring at my head... maybe they dont[sic] like my hat?
Giant, fire-breathing Pokemon: scared to go out in public
Not shown: security blanket with little Poliwags on them Art by: Mallory
#007 Squirtle Ep#01 08:03 / Pokédex
Bandanna Pokemon Squirtles like two things: Ninjitsu, and Macarena. Some prefer both.
Idea: Original
Resembles TMNT: Complete coincidence Art by: Stephen
#008 Wartortle Ep#49 02:47 / Pokédex
Tutu Pokemon Don't laugh - he can still kill you. He just prefers dancing.
That ninja thing?: Just a phase, man.
Ballet: Is what Wartortle is all about. Art by: Stephen
#009 Blastoise Ep#58 09:32 / Pokédex
Confetti Pokemon Have an upcoming birthday, concert, or bar mitzvah? Give Blastoise a call.
Dancing?: Oh no, that was a lifetime ago.
The biggest joy: is the smile on the children's faces Art by: Stephen

#010—#019 Edit

#010 Caterpie Pokeball PIRATE RAY Ep#02 13:51 / Pokédex
Disgruntled Pokemon A Caterpie is just a young Butterfree. Puberty can be rough sometimes.
Rivaled only by: Groucho Marx
And possibly: Jennifer Connelly Art by: Mallory
#011 Metapod Pokeball PIRATE RAY Ep#02 15:17 / Pokédex
Mustache Pokemon At this stage, Metapods develop hair in new places and stay hard all the time.
Likes: Liberty Medical
Dislikes: Being used as a doorstep Art by: Mallory
#012 Butterfree Pokeball PIRATE RAY Ep#07 09:17 / Pokédex
Awkward Pokemon Look! It was worth the wait. You are absolutely beautiful. Mostly.
Beauty: In the eye of the beholder
Shoe size: Whatever Peggy Hill wears Art by: Mallory
#013 Weedle Pokeball MR. OWL Ep#02 09:39 / Pokédex
Handy Pokemon When it comes to massage therapy, knitting or applause, choose Weedle
Manicures: Friggin Expensive
Shawshank Redemption: 32 Thumbs Up Art by: Stephen
#014 Kakuna Ep#02 19:44 / Pokédex
Dad Pokemon Kakuna is a firm father. Some might say they are too hard on their kids.
Tie Collection: Head of the class
You: Could learn a lot from the ties Art by: Stephen
#015 Beedrill Ep#18 07:44 / Pokédex
Chainsaws-for-hands Pokemon Mother nature can be cruel or kind. Sometimes she is *too* kind.
More like Beesaws: amirite
But seriously: stay the @#$% away from Beedrill. Art by: Stephen
#016 Pidgey Pokeball CARL SAGAN Ep#01 18:12 / Pokédex
Kingpin Pokemon Its diet consists primarily of nachos, hot dogs, popcorn and pizza.
Favorite Sports: Golf, Badminton, Curling
Childhood Hero: Roy Munson Art by: Mallory
#017 Pidgeotto Pokeball CARL SAGAN Ep#09 13:31 / Pokédex
Spare Pokemon Have you ever watched a Pidgey evolve? Don't. It's Gross.
Pidgeotto: Awesome name for a Punk group
Pidgeotto: Actually look like a Punk group Art by: Mallory
#018 Pidgeot Pokeball CARL SAGAN Ep#31 08:15 / Pokédex
Strike Pokémon There are far more bowling references in this LP than we ever planned for.
Do not catch: a cold, shards of glass, a falling Pidgeot
Were you expecting: 10 Pidgeys hiddled together? Art by: Mallory
#019 Rattata Pokeball my balls Ep#01 16:04 / Pokédex
Giant Teeth Pokemon Rattata must wear down their teeth by gnawing. Rocks were a bad choice.
Weight: 7.7lbs
Weight excluding teeth: .2lbs Art by: Stephen

#020—#029 Edit

#020 Raticate Ep#12 22:16 / Pokédex
Disgusting Sewer Rat Pokemon Raticates are filthy animals. Also their butts are falling off or something.
Teeth: ...are for chewing, what did you expect?
More Like: Plague Raticate of Doom amirite Art by: Stephen
#021 Spearow Pokeball BOO RADLEY Ep#05 02:16 / Pokédex
Drunk pokemon “When you find a nice cold beer,

You can bet that Spearow's near.”

Flies crooked: Pretty much all the time
AA: Does not exist for birds Art by: Stephen
#022 Fearow Pokeball FORNELIUS Ep#34 06:06 / Pokédex
Drunk (and Mad) Pokemon Some are happy drunks, some are sad drunks. Fearow is an alcoholic.
Any time: is a good time for starting a fight
Frequently arrested: for impersonating a Ho-oh Art by: Stephen
#023 Ekans Ep#04 17:14 / Pokédex
Classy Pokemon Snakes are reptiles, and thus cannot love you. They can, however, love wine.
Enjoys: Classical music, caviar, eating mice
Monocle: For show. Like all monocles. Lines by: Michael; Color by: Stephen
#024 Arbok Ep#24 23:17 / Pokédex
Classiest Pokemon Gentlemen. I have a proposition. Let us eat... all the Rattata. All of them.
That snake: has a top hat on his noggin
Be honest: you would listen to what that snake had to say Lines by: Michael; Color by: Stephen
#025 Pikachu Pokeball JITTERS Ep#02 17:36 / Pokédex
Obese Pokemon Was that a Thundershock or a fart? ...okay, yeah, that was a fart.
Favorite Hold Item: Leftovers
Quick Attack: ...the hell is that? Art by: Stephen
#026 Raichu Pokeball JITTERS Ep#16 03:09 / Pokédex
Weight Loss Pokemon Thunderstones are a great weight-loss product for Pikachus!
Chu and Jenny: BFFs
Speed: much higher than Pikachu Art by: Stephen
#027 Sandshrew Pokeball MRS ANUS Ep#03 19:44 / Pokédex
Shrew-made-of-bricks Pokemon You cannot make this stuff up, folks. It's a shrew made of bricks. Really.
Shrew?: Definitely a shrew.
Bricks?: Look like bricks to me. Art by: Mallory
#028 Sandslash Ep#24 18:40 / Pokédex
Prickly Pokemon Remember all of those bricks? Well they were a lie. A terrible, sharp, prickly lie.
Top of the list: for worst childrens[sic] pet
Also: they have claws and stuff. And sand, apparently. Art by: Mallory
#029 Nidoran♀ Pokeball APPLESAUCE Ep#04 22:08 / Pokédex
Traumatized Pokemon The front teeth grow on the outside of the mouth. Nature can be cruel.
Frightened by: Literally everything.
Rivaled by: Dramatic Chipmunk Lines by: Mama Georg; Color by: Stephen

#030—#039 Edit

#030 Nidorina Ep#21 15:28 / Pokédex
Slightly Off Pokemon Compared to the rest of the family, Nidorina is pretty normal. I can relate.
Arms: skinny, easily breakable
Legs: one longer than the other, with club foot Art by: Mallory
#031 Nidoqueen Ep#31 20:36 / Pokédex
Giant Female Rabbit Monster Pokemon She has become too angry! She has decided to eat the bio itself.
Be honest: That's essentially what she is
What part: is the queen part? ...Nevermind. Lines by: Mama Georg; Color by: Stephen
#032 Nidoran♂ Pokeball SausageGuy Ep#05 18:38 / Pokédex
Single Toe Pokemon Nature. Screwing over the Nidoran family since 1996.
Pros: Lobster-like claw helps in battle
Cons: You have a lobster claw Lines by: Papa Georg; Color by: Stephen
#033 Nidorino Pokeball SausageGuy Ep#10 04:28 / Pokédex
Kind-hearted Poison Pokemon The more spots on a Nidorino, the more aggressive they are.
Spikes: Filled with poison.
Heart: Filled with love for the elderly and teddy bears. Lines by: Papa Georg; Color by: Stephen
#034 Nidoking Pokeball SausageGuy Ep#11 01:37 / Pokédex
Misshapen Pokemon Nidoking only goes out on Halloween, the only day of the year he fits in.
Body type: Like a lump of clay though a blender
Nido*king*: Not actually royalty Lines by: Papa Georg; Color by: Stephen
#035 Clefairy Pokeball WINSTON Ep#06 12:02 / Pokédex
Moon Pokemon Neil Armstrong crashed the Clefairy moon party. Now they seek revenge.
Origin: The Moon
Shaped: the moon. Fatty. Art by: Mallory
#036 Clefable Pokédex
Heart-Shaped Pokemon Thousands of Clefables are given to loved ones for Valentine's Day each year.
Clefairy is a little scary...: find a moon stone.
Find a Clefable-shaped box?: Let Kurt out, please. Art by: Mallory
#037 Vulpix Pokeball KNEE SOCKS Ep#17 15:19 / Pokédex
Kitsune Pokemon Known in Canada as Sixtails! It cannot evolve on Canadian soil.
Favorite Pokemon: of guards everywhere
Cute: ...and it will burn your little buns off Art by: Mallory
#038 Ninetales Ep#33 05:42 / Pokédex
Fox and Hound Pokemon Just looking at a Ninetales makes me want to cry.
Answers to: Copper, Boy, or Kurt Russell
A loyal companion: unless society says otherwise Art by: Mallory
#039 Jigglypuff Pokeball fhwdgads Ep#05 03:59 / Pokédex
Impersonator Pokemon Loves to mimic famous musicians. And Nintendo Characters.
Singing career: Short-lived
Lady Gaga Jigglypuff: Too scary to show. Trust us. Art by: Dan

#040—#049 Edit

#040 Wigglytuff Ep#37 17:54 / Pokédex
Long-Lasting Pokemon It keeps going and going and going and going and slapping...
When things get heated: it has an explosive personality
Has the capacity: to be a positively shocking attacker Art by: Dan
#041 Zubat Pokeball BATMAN Ep#06 06:41 / Pokédex
:O Pokemon Zubats use sonar to navigate because they have plastic googly eyes.
Which: Emotion is that? Fear? Anger? Surprise?
Arguably: The most annoying Pokemon ever Lines by: Hayley; Color by: Hayley
#042 Golbat Ep#26 14:55 / Pokédex
Dude Pokemon You know that one friend who will try anything around his buddies? Golbat.
It was flying or drinking: Golbat chose drinking
Did voice work: for Budweiser in the late 90s. Wazzup! Art by: Hayley
#043 Oddish Ep#07 14:44 / Pokédex
Potted Pokemon Above: stock photography of Oddish, circa 1940s. Probably.
Is that really an Oddish?: Yes.
I feel strongly that I am being lied to: nope. Art by: Mallory
#044 Gloom Ep#23 01:57 / Pokédex
Ugly Plant Pokemon I would rather look at this picture than an actual Gloom anyway.
Oh look: you guys are doing the photo thing again
No, really: thats[sic] cute, good for you Art by: Mallory
#045 Vileplume Ep#23 06:28 / Pokédex
Space Pineapple Pokemon If a pineapple looked more like this, I think people would eat less pineapple.
Okay, really: you guys are just lazy now
Also, that this is not a pineapple: ...or is it? Art by: Mallory
#046 Paras Pokeball SPECK Ep#06 16:05 / Pokédex
420 Pokemon Some Paras eat the shrooms that grow on their backs. Some ideas are bad.
Vision: The colors, Duke, the colors!
Lover or Fighter?: More of a stumbler, really Art by: Stephen
#047 Parasect Pokeball BEATRICE Ep#36 19:54 / Pokédex
Fungus Pokemon Their mushrooms are highly valued among chefs and teenagers.
Remove the mushroom: de-evolves back to Paras!
Tastes good: on pizza, pasta and more! Art by: Stephen
#048 Venonat Pokeball FISHSTICK Ep#18 11:48 / Pokédex
Tribble Pokemon Venonats eat and reproduce... and do both exceptionally well.
Hated by: Klingons
Loved by: ...pretty much everyone else. Art by: Mallory
#049 Venomoth Ep#32 24:37 / Pokédex
Flying Tribble Pokemon Evolution at work! Tribbles have no need to fly, but they sure are cute doing it!
Big ol shiny eyes: very cute!
Fangs: ...slightly less cute Art by: Mallory

#050—#059 Edit

#050 Diglett Pokeball a puppy Ep#16 16:52 / Pokédex
Phalanges Pokemon Diglett is Latin for Happy Digits. The more you know!
Likes: sunshine, fresh soil, garden gloves
Dislikes: lawn mowers. Above all else. Art by: Mallory
#051 Dugtrio Ep#55 21:54 / Pokédex
Three Digletts Pokemon Dugtrio suffers from a severe case of lazydesigneritis. Magneton, too.
Is it really just three digletts?: Yes.
Later evolves into: Dugquatro Art by: Mallory
#052 Meowth Pokeball GEODUDE Ep#12 09:18 / Pokédex
Cat Driving a Tank Pokemon If we can send monkeys to space, we can definitely send cats to war.
Likes: War, Destruction, Tuna-Flavored Cat Treats
Rank: Corpurral Art by: Mallory
#053 Persian Ep#56 14:50 / Pokédex
Catdozer Pokemon Nature can be weird. Sometimes cats turn into bulldozers. It happens.
Also known as: the “Meowing and Plowing” Pokemon
How does it see? Doesn't need to. It just drives. Forever. Art by: Mallory
#054 Psyduck Ep#48 13:22 / Pokédex
Pokemon Bath Salts
Lines by: Pcull; Color by: Mallory
#055 Golduck Ep#48 14:05 / Pokédex
Pokemon Guys. Guys! Seriously, guys. ...bath salts.
Lines by: Pcull; Color by: Mallory
#056 Mankey Pokeball BILL COSBY Ep#05 13:52 / Pokédex
Limbs Pokemon Mankeys remain docile until evolving into Primeape. Then they go... bananas.
Manners: A bit of a hog
Really great at: Reaching top-shelf at Walmart Art by: Stephen
#057 Primeape Ep#27 02:11 / Pokédex
Livestrong Pokemon Primeape may not be informed, but correct him and expect a black eye.
Taking a stand: for fashion
Cancer?: No, no, these are *Livestrong* bracelets Art by: Stephen
#058 Growlithe Ep#13 11:32 / Pokédex
FIRE-BREATHING DOG! Pokemon Cat lovers get Meowth and dog lovers get Growlithe? This... does not seem fair.
Like a normal dog: BUT HE BREATHES FIRE!11!!1!!!
Word of advice: do not piss off your dog Art by: Stephen
#059 Arcanine Ep#47 09:09 / Pokédex
FLAMING TIGER DOG Pokemon If your opponent uses an Arcanine, just quit. Seriously. It's a dog on fire.
As if Growlithe wasn't cool enough: FREAKING ARCANINE

#060—#069 Edit

#060 Poliwag Pokeball MR DH BEAR Ep#17 02:28 / Pokédex
Limbless Pokemon Without the eyes or tail, Poliwag looks a bit like a cupcake. This is not relevant.
Sort of resembles: a yoyo
Favorite console: Dreamcast Art by: Mallory
#061 Poliwhirl Pokeball ARGYL Ep#22 06:02 / Pokédex
In Between Pokemon Due to their lack of arms, Poliwhirl makes a terrible like cook.
Sort of like: Jan Brady, but with fewer limbs
The biggest turn-off to women?: A giant tadpole tail Art by: Mallory
#062 Poliwrath Pokédex
Sleazy Pokemon You did it! You're all grown up. Now go sell cars.
Every bad pickup line: this guy knows it.
Goatee AND a swirl stomach?: Don't trust him. Art by: Mallory
#063 Abra Pokeball RANDI Ep#09 16:07 / Pokédex
Apprentice Magician Pokemon Abra might suck at magic, but he can legitimately read thoughts. Eat it, Penn.
Best trick: Making himself disappear.
Really bad at: Negotiating contracts. ...and negotiations. Art by: Jarrett
#064 Kadabra Pokeball RANDI Ep#11 04:52 / Pokédex
Magician Pokemon Mastering both magic and juggling, Kadabra has a bright future on stage.
hardest part: grooming his mustache
Like Chris Angel: Except what Kadabra does is real Art by: Jarrett
#065 Alakazam Ep#31 10:26 / Pokédex
Has-Been Pokemon After being traded around from manager to manager, Alakazam really fell apart.
If most of your act revolves around threats: rethink your act
Applause at the end: or Alakazam will kill you Art by: Jarrett
#066 Machop Pokeball KOBE Ep#11 02:42 / Pokédex
Sailor Pokemon Strong to the finish, Machop the Pokeman! Toot toot!
Strong: Because of 24/7 weight training, not leafy greens
Ironically: Spinach gives Machop diarrhea Art by: Mallory
#067 Machoke Pokeball EXCELSIOR! Ep#27 05:00 / Pokédex
Glass Jaw Pokemon That tattoo? Machoke got the idea from some old cartoon or something.
He has a big thing for: various types of oils
Most humiliating moment: being knocked out by a toddler Art by: Mallory
#068 Machamp Ep#34 01:57 / Pokédex
Argyria Pokemon Once Machoke evolves, it changes focus from fighting to fashion.
Sometimes known as: the grey woman
Other times: holy @#$% that woman has four arms Art by: Mallory
#069 Bellsprout Pokeball TREE Ep#07 15:56 / Pokédex
Large-mouthed Pokemon Please do not use Bellsprouts for drink holders. Thank you. - PETP
Rival: Francisco Domingo Joaquim
Pokemon #69: Just saying. Art by: Stephen

#070—#079 Edit

#070 Weepinbell Ep#22 15:00 / Pokédex
Ridiculously Large Mouth Pokemon This is a joke, right? This Pokemon is a joke. I will not take it seriously.
Can open wider than: an anaconda
Frequently employed by: Farfetchd[sic] Art by: Stephen
#071 Victreebel Ep#23 04:56 / Pokédex
Autocannibalism Pokemon When your mouth is that big, you push the limits. Can you eat yourself? Find out.
Lifespan: unsurprisingly short
Also known as: Lil Bernd Art by: Stephen
#072 Tentacool Pokeball BANJO TOM Ep#13 17:52 / Pokédex
Some sort of Pokemon Three assurances in life: Death, Taxes and way too many Tentacool.
Annoying: F#@$ Yes.
AKA: The Zubat of the Sea Art by: Hayley
#073 Tentacruel Ep#42 15:48 / Pokédex
Me Gusta Pokemon Want to know what nightmare fuel is? Stare into the eyes of a Tentacruel.
What: Are those red rings for anyway
Why: Does this creepy thing have teeth Art by: Hayley
#074 Geodude Pokeball MR BUCKET Ep#03 16:15 / Pokédex
Professional Bowler Pokemon Geodude make great bowlers. And bowling balls.
AKA: His Dudeness, Duder, or El Duderino
Mortal Enemy: Pidgey Art by: Dan
#075 Graveler Ep#20 01:30 / Pokédex
Booty Hunter Pokemon Gravelers love getting up Early - as long as beer is involved.
Knowns: Height, Weight, Beer-intake
Unknowns: Emotions, Relationship, Hinson Art by: Dan
#076 Golem Pokédex
Stoor Hobbit Pokemon Due to his size, Golem has had to chisel down a finger to wear the ring.
Hobbies include: jewlery, and being a huge rock
Precious: the ring, the ring, puppi - NO, the ring… Art by: Dan
#077 Ponyta Pokeball BOMBY POPS Ep#14 17:47 / Pokédex
Cutie Mark Pokemon Ponyta earn their cutie mark when they watch their foe burn alive. Cute!
Likes: having fun, eating hay, galloping
Dislikes: the horrific adult fan art and fan fiction Art by: Mallory
#078 Rapidash Pokeball McFLY Ep#33 05:31 / Pokédex
Even Cuter Cutie Mark Pokemon Sure, Rapidash is cute. But it will also burn your house down and murder you.
Science has done it: the cutest Pokemon ever
More chibi than: Eevee Art by: Mallory
#079 Slowpoke Pokeball BURRITO Ep#11 07:00 / Pokédex
In Their Own Special Place Pokemon He isn't staring at you, more like staring through you. To another dimension.
Favorite emoticon: 8D
Scariest place on earth: The mind of a Slowpoke. Art by: Stephen

#080—#089 Edit

#080 Slowbro Ep#32 02:57 / Pokédex
A Pokemon Slowbro can taste colors and smell numbers. And breathe. Sometimes.
Happy: despite the fact he is being eaten alive
Also: this is not how evolution works at all Art by: Stephen
#081 Magnemite Pokeball FLO Ep#07 10:13 / Pokédex
Space-loving Pokemon What is your favorite thing about space? Mine is space.
Be cool: Space cops.
The best at: Space Art by: Mallory
#082 Magneton Pokeball LITTLE TIM Ep#17 05:05 / Pokédex
Personality Pokemon Curious? Angry? Have a need to tell the world a cake recipe? You are Magneton.
Easy to find: because they are the life of the party
And: they are the huge metal structure in the room Art by: Mallory
#083 Farfetch'd Pokeball CH'DING Ep#13 01:25 / Pokédex
Big Pimpin Pokemon Need a job? Willing to do anything? Just look for the bird in the suit.
Motto: Keep your pimp wing strong.
STD Count: 14+ Art by: Hayley
#084 Doduo Pokeball I C WEINER Ep#34 07:02 / Pokédex
One of them is dead Pokemon Polycephaly can certainly be rough sometimes.
Like an ostrich: but, you know, gone horribly wrong
Ironically: the one with the twisted neck is still alive Lines by: Thomas; Color by: Mallory
#085 Dodrio Ep#34 20:55 / Pokédex
One of them is still dead Pokemon Do the other two even know? Do they care? Why the hat?
Like Ghidorah: except not threatening in any way whatsoever
The giant bow: probably not helping Lines by: Thomas; Color by: Mallory
#086 Seel Pokeball CARBON Ep#43 15:37 / Pokédex
Bravest of them All Pokemon Seel seeks out poachers and puts a stop to them. Using Ice Beam. So cute!
Where is the Aura?: She lives alone in Paris.
Tommy?: Seel got tired of his sassy mouth. Ice beam. Art by: Mallory
#087 Dewgong Ep#48 08:22 / Pokédex
Dragon, er, Dinosaur Pokemon I love Dewgong and she loves me!
Is it little on top and big in the middle?: Dewgong.
Is it pink all over?: Well, no. Still, Dewgong. Art by: Mallory
#088 Grimer Pokeball PEDRO Ep#08 12:25 / Pokédex
Eeewwww Pokemon You have to get up early to catch a Grimer. You Smooze you lose!
Seriously: who would want this as a friend
Tastes like: that grape cough syrup you had as a kid Art by: Mallory
#089 Muk Ep#21 10:43 / Pokédex
Crybaby Pokemon Muks cry because they are evolved nostrils. Smelling themselves is torment.
Do not be fooled: Muk is not grape-flavored
More like: Salty, stringy, and with a hint of disease Art by: Mallory

#090—#099 Edit

#090 Shellder Ep#09 04:10 / Pokédex
Giant Tongue Pokemon Shellder: near the top of the list for forgettable Pokemon
Slightly resembles: A panting dog
Distant Relative: Lickitung Art by: Stephen
#091 Cloyster Ep#43 02:13 / Pokédex
Fun-Loving Pokemon Even safesearch cannot save you from image searching Cloyster. Just don't.
Unlike Shellder: this is a memorable Pokemon
Yo gurl: how bout that Onix Art by: Stephen
#092 Gastly Pokeball LIL SATAN Ep#25 18:55 / Pokédex
Fart Pokemon When two Gengars love each other, they eat lots of chili. Then this happens.
The curelest part: Gastly can smell itself
Do not light a match: anywhere near Gastly. Serious. Lines by: JoshJepson; Color by: Stephen
#093 Haunter Ep#26 05:34 / Pokédex
Desperate for Friends Pokemon Hey, so you guys doing something later? Can I tag along? No? Cool!
More needy than: The Herlihy Boy
Maybe he has no friends: because he used to be a fart Lines by: JoshJepson; Color by: Stephen
#094 Gengar Ep#60 01:32 / Pokédex
Late Night TV Pokemon Gengar always wanted to be a talk show host because he excelled at sitting.
Jerry Springer re-runs?: DVR'd.
Prefers Conan to Leno: but so does everyone else Lines by: JoshJepson; Color by: Stephen
#095 Onix Pokeball CRUNCH Ep#04 04:29 / Pokédex
Unimpressed Pokemon Onix train hard to win competitions. Silver is not okay.
Favorite Colors: Gold, gold, gold, and gold
Favorite Film: Rocky Art by: Mallory
#096 Drowzee Pokeball PORK DAN Ep#12 06:17 / Pokédex
Obnoxious Pokemon Sure, Drowzee can put you to sleep. He can also wake you up. With a megaphone.
Favorite Activity: Belching
Career path: Musician. ...maybe. Art by: Dan
#097 Hypno Pokeball TYRONE Ep#28 02:34 / Pokédex
Fry Cook Pokemon Hypno is a great cook, but his home movies are always a bore.
You are getting hungry: very, very hungy
Will eat your dreams: for mentioning Italian food Art by: Dan
#098 Krabby Pokeball LARRY Ep#41 09:07 / Pokédex
Grumpy Crab Pokemon Are Krabby good with tartar sauce? NO. >:(
Love a tard: catch a Krabby
On sandwiches: good, but patties are a bit spongy Art by: Mallory
#099 Kingler Ep#58 06:43 / Pokédex
Miser Pokemon Resemblances to other well-known crabs are completely coincidental.
Enjoys: money, gold, things that can be sold for money
Dislikes: wasting money, losing money, Plankton Art by: Mallory

#100—#109 Edit

#100 Voltorb Pokeball CASH MONEY Ep#07 12:24 / Pokédex
Iconic Pokemon Some trainers avoid Voltorb, choosing not to catch them. Different strokes, I guess.
Stature: Short
Self-Destruct: Whatchu talkin bout, trainer? Art by: Stephen
#101 Electrode Ep#29 13:12 / Pokédex
Self-destruct Pokemon Voltorb was a successful Pokemon, but things went south when it evolved.
Not to be confused with: a pokeball, or a Church Ball
When times get tough: you might need to sell your pants Art by: Stephen
#102 Exeggcute Pokeball PIMPMAN Ep#23 03:43 / Pokédex
Sunnyside Up Pokemon Well... breakfast just became a whole lot more interesting.
Cute or delicious?: You decide.
Personally: I would rather have an Exeggsandwich Art by: Mallory
#103 Exeggutor Ep#49 22:11 / Pokédex
Rockettes Wannabe Pokemon Ineligible to audition not because of being a tree, but because it's too tall.
The kicks: got them down. Eye-level. Perfect.
Keeping head #2 from yelling obscenities: working on it. Art by: Mallory
#104 Cubone Pokeball GERBIL Ep#19 06:11 / Pokédex
Dress Shoes Pokemon Cubone is careful to avoid blood spatters on his shoes... as he bashes in your head.
Also: he has like, a giant bone or something
Every girl is crazy: about a sharp-dressed Cubone Lines by: Alex; Color by: Stephen
#105 Marowak Ep#26 11:55 / Pokédex
Angry Pokemon ...or maybe because they never evolved into Kangaskhan.
Are they mad: because their mother died?
Or maybe: because they lost those really nice shoes? Lines by: Alex; Color by: Stephen
#106 Hitmonlee Pokeball VIRGINIA Ep#27 10:02 / Pokédex
Legume Pokemon Hitmonlee has a deadly kick... especially if you're allergic to him.
Please, call him: Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe
He lost his hat: when he kicked you in the face Art by: Mallory
#107 Hitmonchan Ep#27 10:42 / Pokédex
Shoulder Pads Pokemon Short skirt, high heels, and the strongest arm this side of Kanto.
Is that a Pokemon: or an airplane?
Hitmonchan can only be male: and they all crossdress Art by: Mallory
#108 Lickitung Pokeball MARC Ep#53 10:11 / Pokédex
Triple Dog Dare Pokemon If Lickitung could scream “stuck”, he would. He'll have to settle for “LICKITUNG!”
Adding dogs to dares: serious business
Could be worse: the bell could ring Art by: Mallory
#109 Koffing Pokeball DAVE Ep#08 16:16 / Pokédex
Second Hand Smoke Pokemon A great friend would die by your side. ...even if it is your fault.
Restaurants allowed in: None, just bars
The Sad Truth: Koffing is underage Lines by: Alex; Color by: Stephen

#110—#119 Edit

#110 Weezing Ep#28 13:03 / Pokédex
Happy Smog Pokemon You are going to kill everyone you love. Be happy! Embrace it. Grow big teeth.
Is happy?: Oh yes, is happy.
Is smog?: Definitely smog. Lines by: Alex; Color by: Stephen
#111 Rhyhorn Pokeball BINGO Ep#25 01:17 / Pokédex
Handstand Pokemon Doing it wrong. Very wrong. Someone should let him know.
Hind Legs: Weak and fragile from years of neglect
Fore Legs: Strong and resilient from years of standing Art by: Mallory
#112 Rhydon Ep#61 02:04 / Pokédex
Cheerleader Pokemon Rhydon has only one message to share: GO PACKERS!
How can he...: yoga. Lots of yoga.
Cheer for his team: or he will end your life Art by: Mallory
#113 Chansey Pokeball POWERHOUSE Ep#36 29:51 / Pokédex
Mama Pokemon Let's be honest.

There really isn't much more to say.

Protects her egg: and also her chicken
Ketchup Spaghetti: absolute blissey Art by: Michael
#114 Tangela Pokeball TotalNinja Ep#23 06:04 / Pokédex
Streetcorner Pokemon Though it cannot be seen, Tangela has a mouth. Just trust us on this one.
Be honest: Tangela fits this perfectly.
But how does she: not catch fire while smoking? Art by: Hayley
#115 Kangaskhan Pokeball WOOFIE Ep#25 01:44 / Pokédex
Really Really Big Pokemon What the heck is Kangaskhan? Some sort of dog? Maybe a rabbit.
Favorite Restaurant: Wacky Delly
Favorite Meal: I say we eat the beaver Lines by: Michael; Color by: Stephen
#116 Horsea Pokeball GRANDMA Ep#09 03:31 / Pokédex
Hyrulian Jetpack Pokemon Like buses and taxis, wings and jetpacks go hand in hand. Sort of.
Jetpack: Check.
Annoying video game sidekick personality: Check. Art by: Dan
#117 Seadra Ep#43 03:38 / Pokédex
Seacentaurhorse Pokemon Is it still a gallop if the horse has only two legs? The mysteries of life.
They thought it was just a myth: THEY WERE WRONG
But Dan, legit: what on earth is this thing Art by: Dan
#118 Goldeen Pokeball LUMP Ep#09 05:44 / Pokédex
Delicious Pokemon Goldeen makes a great pet. It also makes a great dinner.
Cocktail Sauce: A nice touch
Some lemon juice: Also a good choice Art by: Stephen
#119 Seaking Pokeball WILFORD Ep#41 15:48 / Pokédex
Snack Cracker Pokemon The snack that smiles back! ...then screams as you dismember it.
A box of Pokemon: capturing made easy
But for real: they should leave out those horns, man Art by: Stephen

#120—#129 Edit

#120 Staryu Pokeball LAKISHA Ep#09 07:08 / Pokédex
Craft-loving Pokemon A Staryu has one life goal: find a mate, and never let go. Ever.
Likes: Scrapbooking, Evolving
Dislikes: Overpriced Art Supply Stores Art by: Mallory
#121 Starmie Ep#09 08:06 / Pokédex
Two Pokemon Glue two Staryu together, slap some paint on them, and voila: Starmie.
Favorite Kirby Ability: Sword
Rear Staryu says: Hmph mmph hrmmphmm! Art by: Mallory
#122 Mr. Mime Pokeball MIMIEN Ep#16 20:13 / Pokédex
oh god... Pokemon Some Pokemon should not exist. Mr. Mime should not exist.
There is no time for this, run. Run!
Are you listening? RUN AWAY FROM THAT THING! Art by: Mallory
#123 Scyther Pokédex
Elementary Art Pokemon This really brings “scissorhands” to a whole new level.
So this is what it's come to. I see.
Also: is that a creeper carrying a giant pair of scissors? Art by: Chaz
#124 Jynx Pokeball ZYNX Ep#59 12:27 / Pokédex
Human-like Pokemon Like that one creepy aunt you see during holidays. Except she can only say “Jynx”.
Very fond of dresses: which are also apart[sic] of her body
Nearly as creepy as: Mr. Mime. Nearly. Art by: Hayley
#125 Electabuzz Pokédex
Eyebrows Pokemon Where are my eyebrows? I've gotta find my eyebrows!
Power goes out?: plug your stuff into Electabuzz!
...where? Well. You'll figure it out. Art by: Stephen
#126 Magmar Pokeball T SPARKLE Ep#50 13:13 / Pokédex
Butthead Pokemon Magmar defecates out of his forehead. And you thought your runny nose was bad.
Is Magmar straining, squinting, grunting?: Run. Fast.
Want to know what's worse than fire?: No, you don't. Art by: MasaeAnela
#127 Pinsir Pokeball TOADSTOOL Ep#36 26:14 / Pokédex
Hug-deprived Pokemon Razor sharp claws, horns, and teeth. Perfect snuggle-bunny candidate!
Imagine a world with no hugs: Pinsir lives there
To be fair: his hugs would leave you a bloody, broken mess Lines by: Thomas; Color by: Stephen
#128 Tauros Pokeball GOAT Ep#36 31:02 / Pokédex
Ford Pokemon Fully equipped with luxury mane, triple tails, and Bluetooth.
Travels for miles: but slightly less in the city
Grab life by the horns: ...but not a Tauros Art by: Mallory
#129 Magikarp Pokeball GOOBY Ep#12 24:04 / Pokédex
Warrior Fish Pokemon Want to feel intimidated? Envision a fish with a pegleg. Let the nightmares begin.
Power: Still pretty carppy.
Scariest Fish Award: Still goes to Death Fish (Amnesia) Art by: Alex

#130—#139 Edit

#130 Gyarados Pokeball GOOBY Ep#16 04:19 / Pokédex
Growth Spurt Pokemon Well... looks like someone grew over summer break.
From 16 inches: to 16 feet, overnight
Tastes much better than before. Feeds more, too! Lines by: Alex; Color by: Stephen
#131 Lapras Pokeball AceVentura Ep#31 14:52 / Pokédex
Lake Monster Pokemon Lapras is a monster who lives in the lake, real, despite those who say it is a fake.
Likes: monkeys, bubble gum, falling leaves
Dislikes: being used for glorified cockfights Art by: Mallory
#132 Ditto Pokeball CHOSEN ONE Ep#38 19:37 / Pokédex
The Creepiest Pokemon That's weird, I don't remember buying any purple underwear...
Sneaks into houses: transforms into anything.
Percentage of all Dittos in prison: 68% Art by: Stephen
#133 Eevee Pokeball KARLEY Ep#25 08:23 / Pokédex
Chibi Kawaii Pokemon Konichiwa Eevee-chan! I know Japanese now!
Anime addicts agree: Eevee is awesome desu!
If you think otherwise: well, you are a stupid baka Art by: Mallory
#134 Vaporeon Pokédex
Splashy Pokemon If you have a pool or a stroller, a Vaporeon is a great choice!
Incredibly fast: in the water.
Incredibly depressing: out of the water. Art by: Mallory
#135 Jolteon Pokédex
Static Pokemon Desperately needs brushed. Too dangerous to brush.
Banned: from all gas stations. And computer shops.
Charge your mobile phones: just by getting near it! Art by: Mallory
#136 Flareon Pokédex
Yet Another Fire Pokemon Brings new meaning to “hot poodle”, which isn't an expression to begin with.
More like: yet another Growlithe, amirite
Wait: what's is Eevee? A dog? Cat? Some sort of fox? Art by: Mallory
#137 Porygon Pokeball SAMMY 4.0 Ep#61 27:15 / Pokédex
Tangram Pokemon Assemble the shapes the same way...Porygon is born!
Digital?: Naw, Porygon lives in construction paper.
But seriously: make a Tangram Porygon of your own! Art by: Stephen
#138 Omanyte Pokédex
Prehistoric Sea Snail Pokemon Want a friendly, cute Pokemon? Choose Omanyte! ...but don't evolve it. Really.
“It's so cute!” - It gets that a lot.
Under the shell? - Yep, cute there, too. Art by: Stephen
#139 Omastar Pokédex
Prehistoric Sea Snail Pokemon We tried to warn you! Now look at what you've done. Cuddling will hurt.
“It's a monster!” - It gets that a lot.
Under the shell? - Surprisingly cute. But only there. Art by: Stephen

#140—#150 Edit

#140 Kabuto Pokeball I AM DAN Ep#47 18:51 / Pokédex
Sombrero Pokemon They lived 300 million years ago, but only now do they feel *alive*.
Happiest: wearing big hats and performing in public
Biggest competition: Peruvian panflute bands Lines by: Karley; Color by: Mallory
#141 Kabutops Pokédex
Hypnotized Pokemon Kabutops will live out their lives as if they were chickens, because… genetics. Yeah.
Genetic disorder: occurs during evolution from Kabuto
Like being hypnotized: but snapping doesn't help :\ Lines by: Karley; Color by: Mallory
#142 Aerodactyl Pokeball HULK HOGAN Ep#47 20:10 / Pokédex
He will eat your face off Pokemon When Aerodactyl says, “I love you”, he's really just referring to the flavor of you.
Did he scream his name?: Gonna eat your face off.
Did he scream anything else?: Gonna eat your face off. Lines by: JoshJepson; Color by: Mallory
#143 Snorlax Pokeball CHUGGA Ep#33 01:21 / Pokédex
Large Man in Catsuit Pokemon Blocks the path to get your attention - he needs help getting the suit off.
Actually tired: from all the heat exhaustion
Snorlax: The Original Furry. Lines by: Karley; Color by: Stephen
#144 Articuno Pokeball UNCLE Ep#44 00:47 / Pokédex
Ice Bird Pokemon Instead of flying, Articuno poops ice cubes then skis to its destination.
Seel, Pidgeot, afternoon of romance: Articuno
Bird call: Yeeeeeeup. Yup yup yup. Yup. Lines by: Mama Georg; Color by: Stephen
#145 Zapdos Pokeball D. WALLING Ep#54 01:02 / Pokédex
The Best Legendary Bird Pokemon We would hold a poll, but we already know who would win.
Enough voltage: to kill everyone in a small city
Also: he helps out at hospitals on the weekend Lines by: Mama Georg; Color by: Mallory
#146 Moltres Pokeball TOM CRUISE Ep#51 01:30 / Pokédex
Licorice-Slurping Pokemon Often found robbing convenience stores for licorice. Wanted in 12 states.
Diet consists primarily of: licorice, tacos, Goldeen
Ironically: hates spicy food Lines by: Mama Georg; Color by: Mallory
#147 Dratini Pokeball TRUNKS Ep#41 19:33 / Pokédex
A snake thing??? Pokemon Definitely a snake thing.

...or maybe a Bullwinkle thing.

Seriously though: we have no idea what the hell Dratini is
Baby dragon: mu butt. That is clearly a snake thing. Lines by: Austin; Color by: Mallory
#148 Dragonair Ep#60 15:38 / Pokédex
Chinese Meth Dragon Pokemon Chinese Meth will make you look exactly like Beavis.
Meth: Leading cause of evolution among Dratini.
Meth: Leading cause of death among Dragonair. Lines by: Austin; Color by: Mallory
#149 Dragonite Ep#60 19:59 / Pokédex
Rehab Pokemon Finally free of addiction, Dragonite grows his wings and flies away. Literally.
Passages Malibu: enrolled full-time
Lindsey Lohan: best friend while inside Lines by: Austin; Color by: Mallory
#150 Mewtwo Pokeball D. BURGER Ep#62 10:57 / Pokédex
Scribble Pokemon Got to catch a ball, go to go to mall, Pokemon!
Designed to be: a clone of Mew, the ultimate Pokemon
But, uh: it didn't really work out. I mean, look at it. Ugh. Lines by: Chuggaaconroy; Color by: Stephen

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