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Pocky-Flavored Pants (Day 1489 - 12 22 13)07:59

Pocky-Flavored Pants (Day 1489 - 12 22 13)

Pocky-Flavored Pants (Day 1489 - 12/22/13)
Date: December 22nd, 2013
Running Time: 7:59



  • Myrtle Beach Airport
  • Chicago, IL
    • O'Hare International Airport
    • A hotel
    • Hibachi Grill


It's time for Christmas vacation! Stephen didn't go to bed last night because he spent a lot of time working on videos. In Chicago, he and Mal pick up their rental car and head over to their hotel. They meet up with Steph, Steve C, and Mal's aunt and cousins for dinner.


  • Mal: "You were asking me all sorts of silly questions."
    • Stephen: "Really? When?"
    • Mal: "At the Myrtle Beach airport, you were like, 'You need to find out if Chaz likes purple, but be sneaky about it.'"
  • Steve C: "Do they [Mitsuwa] sell Pocky-flavored pants, so you can wear them and eat them later?"

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