Playlists are Ugly (Day 926 - 6 7 12)04:27

Playlists are Ugly (Day 926 - 6 7 12)

Playlists are Ugly (Day 925 - 6/7/12)
Date: June 7th, 2012
Running Time: 4:27

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  • Stephen's apartment


After eating spaghetti with a lot of Parmesan cheese, Stephen tells us that he and Mallory have working on Demo Fridays. Mallory continues on her Wind Waker game, reaching the Deku Tree.

Later Stephen explains how he doesn't like how the playlists for StephenPlays looks, with 21 of them. He finds that they aren't helpful for what he does. He came up with an idea to make it easier; he makes a page, like the calendar, with thumbnails of all the Let's Plays, Demo Fridays, and Memorable Moments.


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