Pikmin Video • 4.1816:22

Pikmin Video • 4.18.17

Pikmin Video • 4.18.17
Date: April 18th, 2017
Running Time: 16:21

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  • Doctor's office
  • Stephen and Mallory's house
  • Stephen's car
  • Vereen Memorial Gardens
  • Stephen's parents' house


Stephen starts off the day getting his ear checked for the 3rd time - turns out that Stephen has a really bad ear infection again. Later, they send Lindsey to the airport.

Some time later, after Mal's endodontist appointment (where she just learned that her muscles were sore), they pick up Dan to go to Vereen Memorial Gardens to film the Pikmin live action video! Stephen treats the viewers to extended clips from the video with their original audio!

It's a success! (Though they probably needed to bring some bug spray.) Stephen mentions that the original idea was actually just to have him dressed up as Olimar and throwing a Pikmin figurine into a lake.

Following that, Stephen and Mal head over to his parent's house to deliver ketchup chips that they received in a recent mail video to his father, who loves ketchup on everything (except pickles, apparently).

Before ending the vlog, he discusses how ironic it is that usually they are itching to get out of the house, but on days when they go out like today, they are excited to just stay in the house and work.


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