Pikmin 2 Co-Op with StephenPlays!29:20

Pikmin 2 Co-Op with StephenPlays!

Pikmin 2 Co-Op was Stephen Georg's first (non-Demo Fridays) collaboration. It was a collaboration with Chuggaaconroy, and aired on Chugga's channel from April 11th, 2013 to April 13th, 2013. Stephen plays as Louie and Chugga plays as Olimar.


Pikmin 2 Co-Op with StephenPlays!Edit

Stephen and Chuggaaconroy play Pikmin 2 Co-Op, going through the Cavernous Abyss, Bully Den, Sniper Room, and Emperor's Realm.

Pikmin 2 Versus Mode with StephenPlays!Edit

Stephen and Chuggaaconroy play against each other in Pikmin and Stephen makes more Pikmin than Chugga and wins the match.

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