Personal Trainer (Day 826 - 2 28 12)07:48

Personal Trainer (Day 826 - 2 28 12)

Personal Trainer (Day 826 - 2/28/12)
Date: February 28th, 2012
Running Time: 7:48

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  • Stephen's apartment


Stephen and Mallory eat tilapia, broccoli, and brown rice because they decided to eat healthier after their very unhealthy diet the day before. Stephen mentions that his new diet was recommended to him by a personal trainer on YouTube; MrVideoGameWrestler. Mallory makes a pie and then Stephen talks about his favorite frosting and how he prefers cakes to pies.


  • Stephen: "You guys know what I'm talking about, how there's two different primary frostings; there's whipped and there's butter creme?
    • Mallory: "And fondant. And ganache."
    • Stephen: "I don't know...those are fancy, those are for rich people."

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