People Work Differently (Day 2240 - 1 12 16)07:40

People Work Differently (Day 2240 - 1 12 16)

People Work Differently (Day 2240 - 1/12/16)
Date: January 12th, 2016
Running Time: 7:39

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Mal's new iMac crashed again despite Stephen's efforts to fix the computer. He'll have to call Apple tomorrow to figure out the problem.

Stephen comments on how his workload and methods of doing work have changed over the years. In college, he would stay up very late at night to edit and release the previous day's vlog. Nowadays, he finds that he is most productive if he works through the entire day with few interruptions (or after exercise), since he has to follow Mal's sleep schedule fairly closely. He asks the viewers how they work better, whether it's during a certain time of the day or eating certain foods.

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