PAX Prime 2015 Reflections (Day 2106 - 8 31 15)20:05

PAX Prime 2015 Reflections (Day 2106 - 8 31 15)

PAX Prime 2015 Reflections (Day 2106 - 8/31/15)
Date: August 31st, 2015
Running Time: 20:04

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Stephen and Mal give their reflections on their recent trip to PAX Prime 2015. This was the first PAX where Stephen and his group were unable to purchase an adequate number of passes, so he and Mal had to apply for media badges for the first time. As a result, they both got put on a mailing list for media people and have since received hundreds of emails from developers offering free games or interviews.

Stephen wasn't particularly interested in any of the games on the show floor, but he and his friends all had a wonderful time playing Pathfinder with Andy. The meetup was great, and he really enjoyed spending time with a lot of his friends.

That being said, it's unlikely that Stephen and Mal will be attending PAX East. PAX is becoming increasingly difficult and costly for them and the rest of their group, and Mal's work schedule probably won't allow for another trip to Boston.

In terms of highlights, Mal's favorite part of the trip was playing Pathfinder while Stephen's was going up the Space Needle at sunset.

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