PAX Prime 2015 (Day 2103 - 8 28 15)14:37

PAX Prime 2015 (Day 2103 - 8 28 15)

PAX Prime 2015 (Day 2103 - 8/28/15)
Date: August 28th, 2015
Running Time: 14:36

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  • Seattle, WA
    • Seattle Convention Centre
    • Athena's Gyros
    • Sushi Kanpai
    • Hilton Seattle


It's the first day of PAX Prime 2015! Stephen and Mal get a chance to demo some games for Ubisoft: The Division, Rainbow Six Siege, and For Honor. While The Division was the game they originally intended to play, it was probably their least favorite of the three. They both really enjoyed Rainbow Six, which might be a very fun co-op game to play with friends. For Honor was a lot like an older game, Chivalry, but made a lot simpler for the better.

Everybody wanders around the convention centre for a while, and the group slowly grows to fourteen people. After sushi, Stephen, Mal, Brooke, Chelsea, Jordan, and Josh play a round of Pathfinder before heading to bed.


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