Our Return to Magic (Day 711 - 11 5 11)16:37

Our Return to Magic (Day 711 - 11 5 11)

Our Return to Magic (Day 711 - 11/5/11)
Date: November 5th, 2011
Running Time: 16:37

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


One thing Stephen doesn't like about Columbia is that it's always sunny. It proves to be a problem when Stephen is driving, since the sun constantly shines in his face.

Mal decides to make a sweet potato soufflé. Stephen has never liked sweet potatoes and has tried this recipe in the past, but somehow he likes this dish (Achievment unlocked! Mal makes a dish that Stephen likes better than his mother's cooking!).

Stephen also notes that he has not worn his wedding ring since his and Mal's wedding because it was too big. They get the ring re-sized, so he will start wearing it shortly.

The rest of the Vlog is spent on a Winston draft for Magic: The Gathering. Mal beats Stephen 2-1. Stephen hopes that they will be able to start playing Magic a little more consistently.

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