Ocarina of Time SUCCESS • 1.3108:53

Ocarina of Time SUCCESS • 1.31.17

Ocarina of Time SUCCESS • 1.31.17
Date: January 31st, 2017
Running Time: 8:52

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  • Stephen and Mal's house
  • Dan and Lindsey's apartment
  • Costco


Stephen and Mal wake up in the morning again, and begin recording Ocarina of Time episodes.

They then go over to see Dan to pick up the finished promotional video and give Dan the first three episodes of Ocarina of Time. Stephen and Dan also discuss how long they think it will take them to beat the game.

After that, all of them head to Costco to get food and buy some groceries. Stephen brings up that Costco reminds him of fast food and blood pressure. They then walk around the store and Stephen mentions that they bought their cat tree at Costco.

Back at the house, Mal places their groceries into the freezer while Stephen elaborates that after Costco, they also went to Walmart and then Publix to buy more groceries. Stephen adds that some food was for the Super Bowl party at Justin and Laura's house which would be happening soon.

Stephen also talks about how they might be experiencing jet lag, since he started feeling super exhausted pretty early in the evening.


  • "Has Mal said 'this reminds me of Twilight Princess' yet?" - Dan

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