Now You Look Like A Rapist (Day 46 - 1 9 10)

Now You Look Like A Rapist (Day 46 - 1 9 10)

Now You Look Like A Rapist (Day 46 - 1/9/10)
Date: January 9th, 2010
Running Time: 2:25

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  • Stephen's Dorm at SCAD


Stephen starts filming Alex as he is trying to skip, while Stephen explains that Alex doesn't know how to skip correctly. Alex says skipping isn't something he can do. Stephen says that everyone knows how to skip though, but Alex claims he doesn't have it in him. Stephen then shows Alex how to skip.

The next scene shows Stephen at his computer as he makes an unintelligible noise.

Alex is standing in the hall with a portable radio in his shirt pocket. As Stephen notes the radio Alex claims not to know what he is referring to, as he puts on a hat to hide the radio antennae in. As Alex puts on a Stephen keeps telling him he is a hat guy. Although Stephen tells him he should always wear a hat Alex disagrees and removes the hat. Stephen tells Alex how good he looks with a hat on and how he looks like a rapist without it (hence the vlog's title).

Dan tries the hat on, but Stephen says "There isn't a magic when you do it [wear the hat]." Dan says he wants to see Stephen with the hat on, and he films Stephen trying on the hat. There is a quick discussion about the radio. Dan is in his room saying now he is hat self-conscious while he is wearing a different hat. Stephen tells Dan to take off the hat. Dan does so and throws it right into Stephen's camera.

Notes Edit

  • The title of this vlog comes from Stephen telling Alex that when he puts a hat on he looks like a rapist.


  • Stephen: "The vlog people haven't actually seen your... nipple radio yet."
    • Alex: "What nipple radio?"
    • Stephen: "Oh yeah, that's right it just blends right in and we don't even notice it."
  • Stephen: (referring to Alex with the hat sideways) "Then you look like some guy I wanna punch, but backwards you look like Vanilla Ice and frontwards you just look like an okay guy that you would approach on the street for directions."
    • Alex: "But without the hat now...?"
    • Stephen: "No, now you look like a rapist."