Not The Best Day (Day 39 - 1 2 10)

Not The Best Day (Day 39 - 1 2 10)

Not The Best Day (Day 39 - 1/2/10
Date: January 2nd, 2010
Running Time: 8:17

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  • Stephen's House
  • Stephen's Car
  • Stephen's Dorm


It begins at just after 5:00AM. Stephen reminds us that he went to bed late, and now has to take Mallory to the airport and move back in to the dorm.

Later, Stephen and Mallory have just gotten through the bag check at the airport. Mallory's flight boards in sixteen minutes. They're on their way to the security gate, where they will part ways.

In the next cut, Stephen explains his and Mallory's custom of never watching each other leave. To that end, he hold the camera up over his shoulder as he goes down an escalator, so that the viewer can watch her leave. He admits that her leaving makes his day a little bit harder.

Later, Stephen tells the viewer that he and Mallory met in person for the first time in June 2008. He came up to Wisconsin to spend a week for her. At the end of his visit, as he was leaving, he told her not to look back, because it would just make it harder. But then he looked back himself, and it made him feel awful for days. He says that they talk every day, on Skype and whatnot, but that they still won't be together again for another few months. He misses her already.

Later, in his car, Stephen briefly touches on the general experience of a long distance relationship.

Back at the hotel, Stephen is about to eat his complimentary continental breakfast. For a free hotel breakfast, it's actually quite good. He's having sausage, egg, and cheese on an English muffin and a waffle.

In the next shot, Stephen is in the dorm parking lot, saying that he stopped by to see when he can check in. He was told that he can check in now, so he called his parents to tell them to bring the rest of his stuff and meet him there.

Inside the dorm, a visibly exhausted Stephen says that he's moved in all of the stuff that was in his car. He's waiting for his parents to arrive with the rest of it. They should be there in about ten minutes, so he decides to use this free time to show the viewer around the dorm. Part of the tour includes Alex's room, and he talks about how he met Alex through, and that they were roommates during their first year at SCAD as well.

Several hours later, Stephen is making progress unpacking. They're now going to take a lunch break.

Stephen and company have parked, and are going to eat at Mellow Mushroom, a pizza place. Stephen gets a Hawaiian style, and Debra get the Mega Veggie. Steve appears to have ordered a simple peperoni.

Much later, Stephen says he slept in the car for a few hours. It's now dinner time, and they're going to eat at Panera Bread, a chain that Stephen has never visited. Stephen ends up getting Cesar salad and baked potato soup, and his parents both get soup and sandwiches.

Stephen wraps it up at his desk, something we haven't seen him do in a while. It's almost 2:00 AM. He still has a lot of unpacking to do. He shows the viewer that he's on Skype with Mallory, which he says is not quite the same. His first class of the new semester is in two days.

Notes Edit

  • The title of this vlog comes from Stephen feeling that the day was not the best one.