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Not Allowed to Buy GTAV (Day 1369 - 8 24 13)08:48

Not Allowed to Buy GTAV (Day 1369 - 8 24 13)

Not Allowed to Buy GTAV (Day 1369 - 8/24/13)
Running Time: August 24th, 2013
Running Time: 8:48



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment
  • Sonic
  • Wal-Mart


The cats are back to full health after recovering from their vaccinations yesterday!  Stephen and Mal spend the day out running chores.  They pick up Kendo Rage at Player's Choice (a very bizzare Japanese game), and have lunch at Sonic.  They pick up some candy at Wal-Mart for game night.  Mal makes blackened chicken with honey mustard sauce for dinner.  Stephen and his friends spend the night playing GTA before GTA V comes out.  To make sure he is still productive, Stephen has made a promise to himself that he will not buy GTA V until the Ico Let's Play is finished.  Finally, Stephen shows off some Stephenvlog keychains and stickers they picked up from Justin.


  • Stephen: "Sweet lovely Super Sonic bacon double cheeseburger... You are my one true love.  After you, [Mal] of couse, just to clarify."

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