Nintendo VS Lets Players (Day 1269 - 5 16 13)19:09

Nintendo VS Lets Players (Day 1269 - 5 16 13)

Nintendo VS Lets Players (Day 1269 - 5/16/13)
Date: May 16th, 2013
Running Time: 19:09

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  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


Over the past few days and weeks, Nintendo has been flagging lots of videos on YouTube for Content ID, YouTube's anti-piracy and anti-theft system. Some game developers are more open to people showing off their content, while others are not. Evidently, Nintendo is not one of them, since they have been going through videos and manually selecting them for Content ID. Thus, people who uploaded those videos are not able to make any money from them (and many people, like Stephen, rely on Let's Plays for income).

The biggest problem that faces viewers if Nintendo continues to do this is that many content creators will stop creating content using Nintendo products. Stephen gives his thoughts on the whole situation, and encourages viewers to do their own research and generate their own thoughts. He also recommends that everyone watch [a detailed video explaining everything from TotalBiscuit.


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