NintendoCapriSun (Day 953 - 7 4 12)09:36

NintendoCapriSun (Day 953 - 7 4 12)

NintendoCapriSun (Day 953 - 7/4/12)
Date: July 4th, 2012
Running Time: 9:35

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  • Stephen's car
  • Applebee's
  • Dawn's house


Stephen and Mallory eat at Applebee's with Tim, and Stephen shows the sunburn he got because Mallory didn't apply the suntan spray very carefully on Day 951. Then, Stephen, Mallory, and Karley watch a fireworks display for the 4th of July.

Notes Edit

  • Tim is the 2nd member of the RunawayGuys that Stephen has met. The first being Emile (Chuggaaconroy).

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