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Stephen Georg as Ninten.

Ninten Speaks is a series that originated from the improvisation of Mother's plot called Loids Are Not Christmas, in which Stephen played the game's protagonist, Ninten. Stephen then started doing audio and eventually video clips as Ninten talking about arbitrary subjects. The first 10 episodes were audio files, but they were taken down (they were later re-added to the Xfis channel), and the rest were videos. He also dabbled in singing, which is one of his many passions. Eventually recording a Christmas album available for download. Ninten Speaks was initially how Stephen advertised his Vlog; by saying that it is the life of the man behind Ninten. Ninten became a fan favorite, and due to people asking him to continue with the character, Stephen eventually started a Let's Play of Minecraft as Ninten. It has been said in Vlogs that Ninten would be on hold, but it is unknown when it is to return.

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