Ninten Came Back to Life • 3.2707:50

Ninten Came Back to Life • 3.27.17

Ninten Came Back to Life • 3.27.17
Date: March 27th, 2017
Running Time: 7:49

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  • Stephen's parents' house
  • Red Lobster
  • Stephen and Mal's house


Stephen and Mallory stop by his parents' house to take care of Rocko. He briefly talks about how Rocko is particular about having clean litter, while Kepler and Sagan have always been fine sharing the same litter box.

They then run some errands, which ended taking much more time than expected. After which, Mal chose to eat some food at Red Lobster, to make her feel better about her upcoming root canal.

Back at the house, Stephen is Ninten... almost (he wasn't able to find his actual Ninten shirt). He briefly talks about the mindset behind his April Fool's joke, which combined Ninten Speaks and Daily Pack, two past projects that he has done.

Some time later, Mallory has finished filming her April Fools' video, which is a painting based on an image from a particularly memorable part of Broken Picturephone (Part 2). Stephen discusses how everything fell into place nicely so that Mal could do a joke on her channel.

Before going to bed, Mal attempts to make some tamagoyaki with layered with nori and cheese. It doesn't look great, but it was a good attempt. Stephen also adds in his rating of linguine that he ate at Red Lobster: it gets a dismal 3 out of 7 stars for being too rich.


  • Stephen's Ninten originated from Ninten Speaks, a series he started in 2009.
  • The 'duck goiter' drawing from Broken Picturephone has also been featured in a Memorable Moment.

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