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Ninten is the star of the game Mother, as well as Stephen's Alter Ego on the channel Ninten Speaks. On Stephen's lesser known channel, xfisjmg1, his third most popular video is going to McDonalds and ordering a burger while pretending to be Ninten.

Ninten SpeaksEdit

Ninten Speaks is a side Channel of Stephen's where he (used to) put on a yellow and blue striped shirt where Stephen would talk as he thought Ninten sounded like. There is one Let's Play on this channel called Ninten Plays Minecraft where Ninten is stuck in an alternate dimension where he has to do what he can to survive. At the end of the first episode, Ninten freaks out after being blown up by a creeper, and then he learns his lesson and actually starts doing what he's supposed to because he saw Bear do it, and whatever he magically knows what to do, he says Bear showed him how to do this.

Other than the Minecraft videos, Ninten has not been seen for over 2 years.

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