New Iconic Look • 2.2406:44

New Iconic Look • 2.24.17

New Iconic Look • 2.24.17
Date: February 24th, 2017
Running Time: 6:43

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  • Alex and Hayley's apartment
  • Uniqlo fitting room
  • Mall
  • Tentenyu


Stephen and Mal eat eggs made by Alex at the apartment. Stephen then talks about how he plans to get some more vlogs done today.

Later, all of them head to the mall to get Stephen some formal clothes and ponder an art installation at the mall. While they were out, they also had some ramen for dinner at Tentenyu.

Back at the apartment, Stephen talks about how he worked and pooped a lot. Hayley then comments on how Alex has put his shirt in a weird way, while Stephen points out that Alex has new glasses, giving rise to a new iconic look.

To end the vlog, Alex makes unsettling noises (with plastic?) behind the camera, leaving Stephen very disturbed.


  • "Are you playing chiptunes so it sounds like I'm losing my mind?" - Stephen
  • "Let's meet back tomorrow!" - Stephen
    • "Nope. Never. I don't wanna be back tomorrow. I've had enough of that." - Hayley

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