Nap Addict (Day 491 - 3 30 11)04:01

Nap Addict (Day 491 - 3 30 11)

Nap Addict (Day 491 - 3/30/11)
Date: March 30th, 2011
Running Time: 4:01

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  • Stephen's dorm


Today is the first day of Stephen's classes. This term, he has some earlier classes so he can chat with Mal in the afternoon. Unfortunately, he tends to nap immediately after class so he can't talk to Mal anyways. He asks the audience about their napping habits, and whether they value their naps as much as Stephen.

Notes Edit

  • This vlog marks the first time Stephen says his trademark outro, "Let's meet back tomorrow, shall we?" He has used this phrase to end the majority of vlogs since.

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