NO! NOOO! I WANT PIZZA! NOOO! (Day 494 - 4 2 11)05:16

NO! NOOO! I WANT PIZZA! NOOO! (Day 494 - 4 2 11)

NO! NOOO! I WANT PIZZA! NOOO! (Day 494 - 4/2/11)
Date: April 2nd, 2011
Running Time: 5:16

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  • Stephen's Car


Today, Stephen, Alex, Dan, Taylor, and Nick go to see Source Code at the movie theater, since they normally don't go see movies very often. Afterwards, they talk about it spoiler-free, then a crazy car conversation begins when Stephen, as they make their way back to the dorms, decides that they should eat nothing but fast food every meal for the rest of the quarter as a test to see which one of them will die first (which obviously never happens). This crazy food debate eventually leads to Alex pointing out that at the dorm, they have a pound of pasta and meat every meal. After the crazy food debate in Stephen's car, they drop off Nick at his dorm, and the day ends.


  • The food debate in this video leads to Stephen starting the Soda Challenge 2 days later on day 496.
  • A clip from the food debate car conversation was included in the Favorite Fan Moments video.
  • A clip from this Vlog day is included in Day 821.

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