Mykonos (Day 2047 - 7 3 15)20:02

Mykonos (Day 2047 - 7 3 15)

Mykonos (Day 2047 - 7/3/15)
Date: June 3rd, 2015
Running Time: 20:02

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  • Athens, Greece
    • Royal Olympic Hotel
    • A cruise ship
  • Mykonos, Greece


Stephen, Mal, Mark, and Rhonda start their cruise around Greece! Their first stop is the island of Mykonos, but Stephen and Mal first get unlimited drink passes to try out the ridiculous number of coffees available on the ship.

At Mykonos, they find out that there are cats everywhere - it's basically paradise for Stephen and Mal. On the way back to the ship, they are spotted by a viewer who is also on vacation in Greece and she helps end off the vlog!

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