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My Nuts (Day 1494 - 12 27 13)05:10

My Nuts (Day 1494 - 12 27 13)

My Nuts (Day 1494 - 12/27/13)
Date: December 27th, 2013
Running Time: 5:10



  • Stevens Point, WI
    • A racquetball court
  • Appleton, WI
    • Melting Pot
    • Lindsey's house


The vlog opens up in a racquetball court, and instantly cuts to late that night. Stephen explains that in between this, they drove back to Appleton, had dinner at Melting Pot, then ended up at Lindsey's house. They play some video games and then proceed to eat Stephen's nuts (it makes sense in context). They head back to Dawn's house to get some rest.


  • Stephen: "We're eating up all of my nuts, because we don't want to take my nuts on the plane. We're taking turns cracking my nuts and eating my nuts because there are a lot of nuts and they aren't going to fit in the bag very well."
    • Steve: "Stephen! Your nuts are delicious!"
    • Stephen: "Oh, thank you... What's your favorite type of my nut?"
  • Steph: "I busted the whole nut into pieces."
  • Steve: "I'm gonna bust both your nuts at the same time."
    • Lindsey: "With the strength of five men."
    • Stephen: "I just s*** my pants!"

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