My Monitor Is Dead (Day 834 - 3 7 12)11:03

My Monitor Is Dead (Day 834 - 3 7 12)

My Monitor Is Dead (Day 834 - 3/7/12)
Date: March 7th, 2012
Running Time: 11:03

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  • Stephen's apartment


Stephen's monitor stops working, he mourns, and then he reads some letters. Samuel sends a recipe for Beaver Creek rhubarb upside-down cake, snpredneck sends a manetric pokémon card, and Corey's letter includes pictures of cats.


  • Stephen replaces his monitor on Day 836.
  • Stephen's song about Oregon is a reference to the Oregon Trail.
  • Corey references Day 99.


  • Stephen: "I don't have any kind of emotional attachment, not like I do with Faendal."

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