My Mom's Best Birthday Ever (Day 677 - 10 2 11)15:42

My Mom's Best Birthday Ever (Day 677 - 10 2 11)

My Mom's Best Birthday Ever (Day 677 - 10/2/11)
Date: October 2nd, 2011
Running Time: 15:42

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  • Charleson, SC
    • A hotel
    • Stephen's parents' car
    • Coastal Carolina Flea Market
    • An Asian supermarket
    • Cici's Pizza
    • Rainbow Row


Stephen, Mal, Deb, and Steve head out to the Flea Market, and Stephen manages to find a pretty good treasure trove of games. They end their time in the city by walking around the city, stopping by the waterfront, the beach, a park, and Rainbow Row (no, not Rainbow Road).

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