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Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear

Mr. DHB has returned

Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear returns from Alaska

Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear is a joke that first came up on Day 195. Stephen later recieved a letter from an annonymous person on Day 330. The dog pictured on the letter was the stuffed dog from Day 216. It is unknown why he is dyslexic.

Vlog DaysEdit

These are the Vlog days that Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear has appeared or been mentioned in:

Library Lookin' (Day 195 - 6/7/10)
Magic Cards And Chocolate Milk (Day 216 - 6/28/10)
Mr. Dyslexic Heart Bear (Day 330 - 10/20/10)
The Mystery Disk (Day 376 - 12/5/10)
Why Is He Dyslexic?! (Day 475 - 3/14/11)
College Is A Cake (Day 554 - 6/1/11)
Irish Pirate (Day 568 - 6/15/11)
The Peoples Place (Day 858 - 3/31/12)
ANOTHER Mr Dyslexic Heart Bear? (Day 985 - 8/5/12)
StephenMail #44
StephenMail - December 2013
StephenMail - March 2016

StephenMail-June 2016

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