Mothra (Day 614 - 7 31 11)07:43

Mothra (Day 614 - 7 31 11)

Mothra (Day 614 - 7/31/11)
Date: July 31st, 2011
Running Time: 7:42

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  • Stephen & Mal's Apartment
  • Stephen's Car


More furniture assembly is the menu on today's vlog, and along with that Mothra from the movies? Also, the results of the Rocko picture contest arrive.


  • Rocko won second place in the picture contest, with the prize being a $50 gift card for Coastline Pet Supply. For the results of first and third place, click here.
  • When Stephen points out that the moth they encountered is Mothra, it refers to the titular character in the Godzilla franchise. The moth also seemed to be a giant silk moth which might also result in the reference.

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