Mother's Day Song! (Day 529 BONUS)04:15

Mother's Day Song! (Day 529 BONUS)

Mother's Day Song! (Day 529 BONUS)
Date: May 7th, 2011
Running Time: 4:15

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  • Stephen's dorm


Stephen and Dan sing an improvised song for Mother's Day.


I love you mom
You're the only mom I got,
That's why I think I should take you out to dinner,
Cause you're a winner!
And dad—it's not your day! But don't be sad!
But it's not your time, so go away.
Mom, mom!
Moms are important cause they do really great stuff
Like when you're a kid they will pack your lunch
And then when you get older,
they come into your room at awkward times
and then awkward situations arise
But that's okay cause we love mom
It's just so great!
Mom... Mom
Some people say that moms aren't that great
But they're just jealous cause mine is the best!
But you might say that you have the best
and that would be okay too
As long as you have a mom who loves you
And they do!
Cause moms love you and they give you all kinds of
Moral support and love
And food and shelter in the early stages
Before you're eighteen
But then they kick you out... sometimes.
But they still love you.
Mom, mom, mom, mom *drum solo*
Mom, mom, mom, mom *drum solo*
Mom mom mom mom (mom)
Mom mom mom Mom
Happy Mother's Day 2011!
dididi x41
Happy Mother's Day! From StephenVlog and friends.
Well, friend.
From Dan!


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