Miniature Golf With Wisconsin Folk (Day 277 - 8 28 10)10:29

Miniature Golf With Wisconsin Folk (Day 277 - 8 28 10)

Miniature Golf With Wisconsin Folk (Day 277 - 8/28/10)
Date: August 28th, 2010
Running Time: 10:29

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  • Mallory's Car
  • Mallory's grandmother's house
  • Badger's Sports Park
  • El Axteca
  • Mark's house


Stephen remembers that he didn't say anything about Spy Hard, which they watched last night (it was an okay movie). He and Mal go to Mal's grandmother's house where they are having an estate sale. Stephen learns that her grandmother is obsessed with buying things on QVC, so there are vast quantities of identical items lying around.

They play a round of mini golf with Casey and some of his friends, then have dinner at a Mexican restaurant. They drop off Steph and head back home. Stephen does some shenanigans with GTA4, including riding a motorcycle off of several skyscrapers.

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