Minecraft World Finale MAP DOWNLOAD! (Day 551 - 5 29 11)23:36

Minecraft World Finale MAP DOWNLOAD! (Day 551 - 5 29 11)

Minecraft World Finale (MAP DOWNLOAD!) (Day 551 - 5/29/11)
Date: May 29th, 2011
Running Time: 23:35

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Today seems like an odd day, and that's because today is a Minecraft World Week Update video, except that it's today's vlog! With the server finally shut down, come along and join Stephen as he gives you a tour of most of the server via the completed monorail before you try out the map itself!


  • This is the sixth and final Minecraft World Week Update video with the server officially shut down. Other Minecraft World Week Updates happened on Days 440, 446, 459, 481, and 506.
  • The maps are still available for download today, which can be found in the description of this video, however, some users had problems while running the map, so it wasn't until almost three years later when the map would become a part of the StephenCraft server.
  • This is one of a few Vlogs where the title and/or the date & day number of the vlog day are not seen on the Vlog day.

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