Middle Class Food Citizens (Day 451 - 2 18 11)05:39

Middle Class Food Citizens (Day 451 - 2 18 11)

Middle Class Food Citizens (Day 451 - 2/18/11)
Date: February 18th, 2011
Running Time: 5:39

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  • Stephen's dorm


He has spent most of the day testing some recording of Portal for StephenPlays. It looks like he will have to record on Windows since the recording software on Mac is lacking.

Stephen creates some "StephenVlog" Toaster Strudels, then talks about the downsides of having said strudels in packs of three. Along a similar thread, he recommends the popcorn shrimp and cod fillets they purchased a while back. He notes that they don't cook food from scratch, mostly out of convenience. He recognizes that he and his roommates aren't eating very healthily, but also says that they do a decent job of staying away from fast food.

He asks the audience for their thoughts on their own food situations - whether they fall into the lower-, middle-, or upper-class food citizens. He then asks Alex for his opinions, then proceeds to chase him around the dorms screaming "WHAT DO YOU THINK?"

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