Meteora (Day 2053 - 7 9 15)22:22

Meteora (Day 2053 - 7 9 15)

Meteora (Day 2053 - 7/9/15)
Date: July 9th, 2015
Running Time: 22:21

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  • Kalambaka, Greece
    • A hotel
    • A restaurant
  • Meteora, Greece
    • Holy Monastery of Varlaam
    • Holy Monastery of Roussanou
  • Athens, Greece
    • Royal Olympic Hotel


On the final full day of their trip to Greece, Stephen, Mal, Mark, and Rhonda head up to the Monastic community of Meteora. There are some incredible views in and around the complex as well as some beautiful gardens. There are also cats. There will always be cats.

After a drive back to Athens, Stephen and Mal part ways with Mark and Rhonda. Tomorrow brings a huge travel day.

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