Matlock (Day 215 - 6 27 10)04:01

Matlock (Day 215 - 6 27 10)

Matlock (Day 215 - 6/27/10)
Date: June 27, 2010
Length: 4:00

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  • Olive Garden
  • Stephen's Parent's House


The vlog begins with Stephen, Stephen's parents, and Mallory eating at Olive Garden. Stephen then naps before he goes to work at Carrabba's.

After work, Stephen talks to Chaz about the Toy Story card situation about which Stephen was confused. He then talks about the big tub of Synder's pretzels he got.

The Matlock opening then plays.


  • The Toy Story cards were first mentioned in day
  • When Chaz is mentioned, there is a flashback to Day 168.

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