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Manny is Being Released (Day 1386 - 9 10 13)04:50

Manny is Being Released (Day 1386 - 9 10 13)

Manny is Being Released (Day 1386 - 9/10/13)
Date: September 10th, 2013
Running Time: 4:50



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment
  • Stephen's parents' house


Mal ices the Boston cream cupcakes she made yesterday.  On a different note, Stephen and Mal are releasing Manny: he has very little food left now that they have gotten rid of their aphid-ridden plants.  They head to Stephen's parents' house to have a delicious late birthday dinner for Steve, ending off with the cupcakes for dessert.  Back at the apartment, Stephen has finished the mail video.  He says that he will discuss Apple's new iPhones in tomorrow's vlog.

Notes Edit

  • This vlog is the final appearance of Manny.

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