Mama Georg's Cookies (Day 854 - 3 27 12)09:28

Mama Georg's Cookies (Day 854 - 3 27 12)

Mama Georg's Cookies (Day 854 - 3/27/12)
Date: March 27th, 2012
Running Time: 9:28

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  • Stephen's apartment


The first letter that Stephen reads is from Vernon, who says that he made a gaming channel on YouTube because of Stephen and sends him a drawing of Kirby Super Star. Josh sends the next letter in which he congratulates Stephen for the number of subscribers on StephenVlog and StephenPlays and he thanks Stephen and Mallory for brightening up his days.


  • Stephen watches Wall-E on Day 899 and he receives every Pixar film that he names in this video from Joel on Day 881.
  • Stephen films Days 853-855 on the same day.

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