Mal Had a Pepper (Day 1732 - 8 22 14)07:17

Mal Had a Pepper (Day 1732 - 8 22 14)

Mal Had a Pepper (Day 1732 - 8/22/14)
Date: August 22nd, 2014
Running Time: 7:16

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  • Stephen's Parents' House


Ever wondered if Mal has ever attempted to try a hot pepper? Well, Stephen & Mal are taking on the hot peppers they have been growing. Spoiler Alert: It doesn't end well...especially for Mal. Also, haircut haiku time!

Haircut Haiku!Edit

Hair is barely in
Frame...I wonder, is it still
A Haircut Haiku?


  • Stephen & Mal have been growing hot peppers since March, but the first time Stephen attempted the peppers was just seven days ago.
  • The peppers Stephen & Mal were trying are Poinsettia peppers, according to Stephen in the comments of this video. These peppers rank 1300-2500 units of heat on the Scoville scale. Fortunately, it's not as bad as eating a Thai chili pepper or even a Ghost Pepper.


  • Stephen: "Mal's also cheating."
    • Mal: "I'm not cheating!"

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