Magical World of Horses (Day 632 - 8 18 11)16:10

Magical World of Horses (Day 632 - 8 18 11)

Magical World of Horses (Day 632 - 8/18/11)
Date: August 18th, 2011
Running Time: 16:10

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  • Stephen's car
  • Stephen and Mal's Apartment


Stephen tells the viewers about a nightmare he had last night involving getting bitten by a black widow spider. He realizes that the source of his nightmare is a show on Spike TV that talked about black widow spiders.

Stephen and Mal try out a Betty Crocker meal and open up letters from Kyle (Folcation) and Amy, who send in some Bella Sara cards.

To end the vlog, Stephen notes that They Might Be Giants posted Dan's video for "Can't Keep Johnny Down" on their Facebook page, and invites the viewers to check out the video.

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