Lucky Star (Day 40 - 1 3 10)-001:50

Lucky Star (Day 40 - 1 3 10)-0

Lucky Star (Day 40 - 1/3/10)
Date: January 3rd, 2010
Running Time: 2:18

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  • Stephen's Dorm


The video starts out with Stephen going into Dan's room and asks what he is doing. Dan says he has been installing Left 4 Dead the whole day. Stephen then goes over and asks Alex, who is playing Shadow Complex, how his day has been. Stephen walks over to Taylor's room and realizes Taylor is not present in the dorm. the next scene is in a grocery store where stephen films a sign reading: organic pototoes. Stephen then says that he "loves pototoes".

Stephen then explains about a project that he was going to do for someone, who said they liked Lucky Star. Stephen didn't know what Lucky Star was, so he looked it up to find it was an anime, and figured he could redo the opening. Upon actually seeing the opening Stephen was in for a bit of a surprise as it consisted of japanese girls singing really quick, but still did it anyways. The video shows a short clip from the remade version of the Lucky Star opening. Stephen explains that there's a link in the sidebar, and that the video is strange. The video ends with another clip from Stephen's version of the Lucky Star opening.

Lucky Star Opening AWESOME VERSION01:33

Lucky Star Opening AWESOME VERSION

Stephen's version of the Lucky Star opening


  • This vlog is the first appearance of both Dan and Alex.
  • The title of this vlog comes from Stephen talking about the Anime Lucky Star.

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