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Loose (Day 1472 - 12 5 13)12:20

Loose (Day 1472 - 12 5 13)

Loose (Day 1472 - 12/5/13)
Date: December 5th, 2013
Running Time: 12:20



  • Stephen and Mal's apartment


After yesterday's trip to the ER, Stephen is doing quite a bit better. His pain has lessened, and he believes that he knows why. He has been stressed the past few months, and has thus become more and more worried over the past few months. Since the ER visit, he and his family have lost a lot of that anxiety, so he's been feeling better all around.

To help prevent the pain from returning, Stephen will tone down the amount of content he puts out. For now, he puts the LP schedule in "loose" mode, meaning that release dates for videos will be subject to frequent change. Towards the end of the vlog, he mentions that he will try not to say much about health issues in upcoming vlogs unless something changes drastically.

On another note, Mal finishes playing The Last of Us! Also, the heating and cooling unit in their apartment seems to be broken. Unfortunately, it's really hot in their apartment, so they might not be able to sleep very well.

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