Looking Forward To Food (Day 264 - 8 15 10)08:24

Looking Forward To Food (Day 264 - 8 15 10)

Looking Forward to Food (Day 264 - 8/15/10)
Date: August 15, 2010
Length: 8:23

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  • Florida hotel
  • Festival Bay Mall
  • Olive Garden


The vlog begins with Stephen, Mallory, and Stephen's parents having to listen to a presentation in exchange for free breakfast. They go to the gift room afterwards and get free 2-day passes to Universal Studios for sitting through the presentation. They go "chillax" at the pool, play some mini-golf, then head to a free barbecue. However, the barbecue doesn't have enough food, so they go to the Festival Bay Mall, which is where Stephen met his first internet friend in the summer of 2006. Unfortunately, the mall is closed, so instead they go to Olive Garden for dinner.


  • Stephen: "That's pretty much my entire life is looking forward to food."


  • The music "victory music" that Stephen puts in is the Victory Theme from Final Fantasy.

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